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breast augmentation

Breast Implant Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, is the process in which the implants are placed below the breast to broaden or enlarge the size of the breast. Women can opt for this surgery due to several reasons such as under developed breast, disproportion of the breast, or changes in size of the breast after breast feeding or pregnancy. Breast augmentation (breast implant surgery) is one of the most sought after treatment for improving the size and shape of the breast.

  • Enlarge small breast
  • Can reconstruct the breast following mastectomy
  • Can add more volume to the breast after weight loss or pregnancy
  • Can help in reshaping the asymmetric breast
  • Before Breast Implant Surgery

    A thorough medical examination is required to know the breast design which includes symmetry, size and in accordance with the rest of the body. Medical tests are also conducted to know if there is any breast disease. Baseline mammogram and the blood tests are also done.

    Procedure for Breast Augmentation

    The procedure of breast augmentation is done under local anaesthesia and the surgery takes approximately two hours to finish. The emphasis is on making a particular pocket by taking in consideration the implant type along with the different breast characteristics.

    Post Breast Augmentation

    The patients can face little discomfort, swelling or stretching and sometimes bruising can also be expected. But overall it's much tolerable. After few days' time, the patients can start their routine activities. There can be a little breast sensation, but the sensation reduces after a few weeks.

    Cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery

    Breast implants surgery in India has become very popular as they are available at extremely affordable price. Many patients from across the world visits to seek breast implant surgery in India. The treatment is carried out in many Indian cities having some of the best hospitals equipped with latest technologies.

    Cost of Breast Augmentation surgery in India starts at 5000 US Dollars. To know more about it please share your reports on or whatsapp/viber/imo to +918130077375.

    (Please note this is a tentative plan and actual Costs are based on reports shared. Final treatment plan and estimation will be provided after the patient has been evaluated.)

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