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Foot and Ankle surgery - India

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Foot and ankle surgery deals with the treatment, diagnosis as well as prevention of any kind of disorders occurring in the foot and ankle.

foot and ankle surgery

Types of Foot and Ankle Surgery:

1. Bunions

Bunions is that condition of the enlargement or overgrowth of the big toe joint. When it rubs with the shoes, it becomes the cause of pain and irritation. This can be corrected through surgery.

2. Hammer Toes

The condition when the human toes become claw-shaped or are permanently bent, it is known as hammer toes. These surgeries may take from an hour to a day.

3. Metatarsal surgery

The joints in forefoot are called metatarsal-phalangeal joints. They can get damaged by inflammation of the lining of the joint or can get dislocated when damaged by arthritis, causing irritation and pain. If other treatments do not help, surgery is the only solution, depending on the severity of the problem.

4. Ankle arthritis- The cause of ankle arthritis is osteoarthritis where the cartilage covering the ends of the bones get roughed-up and gradually become thin. It becomes the cause of swelling, deformity and pain, which needs surgery for correction. There are two options:Ankle fusion - (Removal of the damaged ankle joint and then fusing patient's talus bone to his tibia for making a stiff and pain-free ankle).Ankle replacement - (Removal of the worn-out ends of the foot's tibia and talus bones and their replacement with the artificial ends that might be made up of plastic or metal).

5. Achilles tendon disorders- The largest tendon in a human body is the Achilles tendon. With age, it starts wearing, leading to swelling and pain within the main tendon. Mostly the method of its treatment is surgery, performed in a day's time and needing crutches later.

6. Morton's neuroma- Morton's neuroma is a painful condition that creates a condition in nerves (third and fourth toes) that supply sensation to the two neighbouring toes. If the problem is severe, surgery for removal of the nerve is the solution.

7. Tibialis posterior dysfunction- Tibialis posterior is the muscle supporting the shape of the human's instep arch. If the tendon gets inflamed that results in swelling and pain on the inside of the ankle, and If the condition is worse, the only resort is surgery for rebuilding the instep arch.

8. Plantar fasciitis - - Plantar fascia is a group of fibrous tissue that spreads across the sole of the foot to the toes. Few bad cases require surgery for releasing the tissues from the heel bone.

Benefits of Foot and Ankle surgery

  • Relief from pain
  • Restoration of joint function in patients
  • Getting rid of osteoarthritis, traumatic arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis
  • Ability to maintain movement in the joints
  • A more normal walking gait pattern
  • Protection of the surrounding joints
  • A range of movement of ankle and foot

Cost of Foot and Ankle Surgery in India

The costs of any kind of surgery in the western countries is very high. In comparison to this, India offers the same quality of surgery at very reasonable cost. The best part is that a patient can enjoy such affordable treatments from internationally trained doctors and surgeons. The technology used in most hospitals is latest state of the art.

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