Kairali – The Ayurvedic healing village

Kairali – The Ayurvedic healing village

World’s First Ayurvedic Health Farm for Perfect Health. Kairali was founded in the year 1989. But the effort behind started long back. People behind Kairali inherited Ayurveda from their fore fathers & propagating throughout the world. The true Ayurveda percolated through generations and never lost its originality from one generation to the other. Kairali gave a mortal shape of their experience in the form of our first Ayurvedic center setup at New Delhi and ever since gone miles with a noble cause to enrich body, mind & soul of people throughout the world with a holistic touch of Ayurveda.

The overwhelming response to the Kairali Ayurvedic Centre, at Delhi prompted Mr. K. V. Ramesh and Mrs. Gita Ramesh to start one UNCOMPROMISED AYURVEDIC HEALTH RETREAT in more bigger and elaborate way at Palakkad, Kerala, (South India) the birth place of Ayurveda, and take people even more closer to Nature and Natural Medicine. Where one can actually recuperate from stress and strain, get treated for one's ailments while you holiday. No wonder then, this is the WORLD'S FIRST AYURVEDIC HEALTH FARM TO HAVE A PERFECT HEALTH.

Ayurveda literally means the science of life. Ayur means “life” & Veda means “science”. It uses all the powers of nature helps one heal and live a healthy life style. Today Ayurveda competes with the most advance Medical sciences and has effective remedies for various ailments and also offers solutions to stress & strain, which is accumulated in our day to day living.

Ayurveda has two way healing aspects i.e. preventing and curative.

Ayurveda firstly prevents ailment. The rejuvenation programs fall into this category. They help in the general wellbeing and strengthen the immune system. Under this vertical Panchakarma is the therapy for overall fitness. It tunes the body, organs, mind, breath, nerves and purifies blood. Besides it also deals with sweda karma which comprises of massages with herbal oil, herbal powders and medicated steam.

The curative aspect of it works towards total eradication of ailment. This ultimately makes human body free from all possible ailments. Almost all known diseases, are treated specially paralysis, spondilitis, arthritis, rheumatism, bone & joint disorder, slip disk, nervous disorder and their related problems, diabetes, hypertension & cardiac related disorders, sinusitis, migraine and many more. In most of these cases we have seen an improvement of almost 80% after Ayurvedic treatment is administered. If treated in the initial stage in nearly all cases 100% cure is possible. It is also very effective for diet and exercise free weight reduction programs.

To get best options for wellness package at Kairali, send us a query or write to us at contact@arvenehealthcare.com